Bag Toss: Board Review


The Cornhole boards from Bag Toss are REALLY nice boards. The quality is the first thing I noticed when looking over the Cornhole Boards from Bag Toss. Crafted entirely of 1/2in. birch plywood, these boards are light-weight, sturdy, and strong. The edges of the boards have finger joints, to make them extra strong, and to ensure they stay together. The top edges and hole are rounded off, and there are even rubber pads for the legs. My favorite feature of the boards is that the legs are made to hold 4 cornhole bags! The legs fold in, and are secured by a piece of velcro. All around, really well made boards with a lot of attention paid to the little details.

Bag Toss specializes in “Tailgate” size boards, which are 3′x2′. While this may not be the “official” size, it is a great size to taking your boards wherever you go. To make them even easier to haul, Bag Toss offers a version with an additional hole. This second hole allows you to play a slightly altered version of the rules, with the smaller slot worth 5 points. Bag Toss also ofers a classic version, too, if you don’t want the second hole. That part is up to you. Bag Toss now offers a 4′x2′ version of their boards, too! The 4×2 boards don’t include the option for a second hole at this time.

Overall, the cornhole boards from Bag Toss are really impressive boards. They’re well made, sturdy, nice looking, and light weight. The 3×2 size is great a set of travel boards, and the purists can still pick up 4×2 boards, too.


Pros & Cons

Pros: Very high quality. Light-weight, and easy to haul. Great attention to detail. Locking joints, with solid construction. Legs each hold 4 bags. Smooth, natural wood finish.

Cons: When used on a hard surface, there’s a bit of bounce, due to the light weight. The second hole, which is optional.


Board Specs: (as provided by the manufacturer)

Dimensions: 3ftx2ft which is a “Tailgate” size

Material: high quality 1/2in birch plywood

Finish: Natural or Heritage finish. The entire board is brush coated with an outdoor grade, low VOC protective coating.

Price: $139 per 3×2 set. $149 for 4×2 set. Comes with 8 bags. For custom logos add $79.

Web Address: Bag Toss

Additional Info: Bag Toss 2 is unique because it has a hole and a slot whereas Bag Toss Classic just has a hole. A bag on the board is worth 1 point, a bag in the hole is worth 3 points and a bag in the slot is worth 5 points. The slot adds excitement to the game and makes it even more fun to play.

Photos: Packaging, Boards, and Bags.