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Custom Cornhole Boards

Up to this point, I’ve mostly only been able to review the ‘plain’ boards from a variety of companies.  With plain boards, you’re forced to really focus on how the boards are made, and the specific details that vary from builder to builder.  I recently had the opportunity to review a set of customized boards from  What a huge difference…

The cornhole boards I received from are my new favorite boards… hands down.  For this review, I got the full customer experience.  Derrick updated his site News Feed with pictures the boards were built, primed, and customized.  I got to watch an amazing piece of art come together step by step.  VERY cool stuff.

From the beginning, Derrick worked with me to get exactly the boards I wanted.  First, I told him a few ideas that I’d had in mind.  Then, Derrick sent me several samples of different designs based on my concept.  I picked my favorite elements from that group, which he then combined to create a second set of sample designs.  We went back and forth until he had created a sample that was exactly what I wanted.


The next part of the DerrickSmash ‘experience’ was pretty cool, too.  Derrick would send along pictures of the boards as they moved through the building, priming, and painting processes.  I literally got to see my boards come together step by step.

As you can see, the final result is pretty awesome.  The design is exactly what I’d had in mind, and the boards look great!


Board Review

Packaging: The boards came packaged in boxes that fit them perfectly, with a layer of cardboard between the faces of the boards for protection.  My boards did have one corner beat in a little from transit.  It would be nice if the shipping companies didn’t beat the heck out of the packages they ship…


Construction: The boards from are 1×4 framed, and topped with 1/2″ plywood.  The 1×4′s are choice white pine, and are selected for their high quality vs. stud grade 2×4′s.   I’m quickly becoming a fan of 1×4 vs. 2×4.  If the boards are well made, you end up with much lighter boards, that are every bit as durable.


Gameplay: These boards are ready to play straight out of the box.  A huge improvement over many of the Plain boards I’ve tested.  These boards were coated with several coats of poly to protect the paint job.  The coats of poly mean they have the perfect slickness!  These boards play great, and the individual legs mean you’re good to go even on uneven ground.


Pros: Customer experience, perfect customization, 1×4 frame means lighter boards, ready to play out of the box.
Cons: Packaging is tight, leaves possibility of shipping bumps and bruises.

Overall: It’s pretty hard not to love a set of boards that you helped design.  If these boards didn’t make it to me exactly how I wanted them, I’d have only myself to blame.  What I’m calling ‘the DerrickSmash Experience’ is second to none.   You may not find the cheapest boards at, but you definitely get what you pay for.  The boards are well made, and the designs are exactly what you want.  If you’re looking for a set of boards that are so cool you’re going to feel guilty playing on them, you need to check out


From DerrickSmash

Our focus is to create cornhole sets that lie on the top of the cornhole market. We acknowledge that anyone with decent quality tools can construct decent quality sets – but are they put together with the care and pride that ours are? We never cut corners when it comes to constructing a set – look at the two close-up photos of our naked set in the top row of our website portfolio – before you even consider buying from anyone else, ask for a similar photo. Those clean, sharp edges can’t be achieved with stud-grade lumber. We use finish quality lumber and that’s why so many of our sets in that portfolio feature bare wood sides. Also notice in those two close-up photos, no wood putty is used. That’s pure, straight, high-quality lumber and there are no blemishes to cover up with wood putty. After a few months in the sun/heat, the wood putty bubbles up…and looks really bad. Contact us and we’ll tell you all about it.

“Custom” is what we do. Others promote themselves with sets covered in decals or stickers of various teams…blahblahblah…how unoriginal. We create what you want. We have had tons of orders from brides and grooms for their groomsmen and bridesmaids and tons of orders from bars and other businesses featuring their logo. We work with you to create a mockup that is 100% what you want. Like Jeremy said above, if you aren’t happy with the set, the only person you can blame is yourself

Let’s get visual with this: out of 1000 people in the market for a cornhole set, about 30 will appreciate our quality and invest into one of our sets. Those 30 people are just fine with us – we have no competition among this small demographic of consumers. We’ll let our hundreds of competitors deal with the other 970 people looking for cheap sets, probably made in China, and “customized” with stickers and decals.

That number, “30”, is exponentially increasing in size. People are buying sets, playing on them, not liking them, and coming to us. We’ve gotten a lot of emails from people saying that ‘they purchased another set, aren’t happy with it, and should have came to us in the first place’. We aren’t gonna blow smoke up you and say that this happens daily or anything, but we can honestly say it’s happened at least 4 dozen times.

We’ll be upfront with you – if you want a high quality cornhole set, customized and painted exactly the way you want it from a company that has been approached – come to us. If you are looking for a mediocre set with a vinyl decal applied as your “customization” at the lowest possible cost in the market…you won’t be comfortable at

Check out our site to really learn who we are and what we do. We have many notches in our belt, and even after 1000 sets, our quality and skill is getting better and better. Be part of something huge – because we,, are gonna be HUGE someday…watch.

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